Warnings Ignored

Daily Bible CoverAll of us have spent a lifetime ignoring warnings and pushing boundaries. Some, more than others, but when all have fallen short, there are plenty of lines crossed in our wake. We mostly correct course, ask for forgiveness, and return to the straight and narrow. But deep down, we know we are one mistake away from forgetting God's warnings. Thank God, literally, we have grace to fall into. As I read today's passage in Isaiah 29, I was a bit overwhelmed at the warning. We often compare challenging scripture to being hit in the head by a 2x4 but Isaiah is swinging the largest weapon he can carry with this message. You feel a sense of anger and desperation to ensure the people know the destructive path their lives are heading in.

And as we came to the end of the reading, we read about the fertile field in the best days filled with the deaf hearing, the eyes of the blind seeing through gloom and darkness, and the humble and needy rejoicing in the Lord. The ruthless vanish. The Mockers disappear. And all who have eyes for evil are cut down.

The message is clear. The warning is strong. And the people continue to march towards destruction. So will we march with them? Will we march against them? And who will we take with us as we choose our direction?

Lots to think about as the warnings we are all too familiar with are repeated yet again.