Daily Bible CoverI'm sure all of us can remember times when our parents warned us about different situations for our own good. I remember that many times when my father said no to something I wanted to do, or a place I wanted to go I was angry and argued with him. He never changed his mind. Of course he was right every time about not letting me go, or do, because I would find out that something happened, or the people I wanted to go with ended up being trouble. Then I would go to my Dad and have to apologize for how I responded, because "You were right, Daddy!"

As I matured, and thought back on those years of being told "No" I realized how much my father protected me and saved me so much possible hurt. I realized in my walk with the Lord through all these years, that the times I felt His "No" in different situations, How thankful that I responded to His voice.

I remember one of the most important "No's" of my life was when I was dating a young man in college, and he had asked me to marry him. I said "Yes" because he was a Christian, and very nice looking. I liked his family and there didn't seem to be any reason why I shouldn't marry him. But the night before my parents were supposed to pick me up from college, I was awake that entire night as the Lord spoke to my heart and said, "This young man is not the one I have for you to marry!"

I cried and argued with the Lord just like I used to argue with my Dad! I said, "Lord he's a Christian, there is no reason for me not to marry him. Plus, there aren't any boys in Boise for me. I continued to feel the pressure in my heart until finally I said, "Okay, Lord, I'll break it off tomorrow. The peace that overflowed my heart when I said yes to God was overwhelming.

I broke if off, and came home with my parents and a week later, my prince Alan came into my life. I found out later that the young man I didn't marry, got into drugs and alcohol and ended up in three disasterous marriages. Papa God knew what was best for me. In John 12:25,26, Jesus says,"Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant will also be. My father will honor the one who serves me."

In this week of scripture, the Lord encourages us in our walk as He answers his disciples' questions about the end of the age. He say's "Watch out for deceivers!" He tells us to be on guard, but to stand firm for righteousness. He says to us, "Stand up, and lift up your heads, because your redemption draweth nigh!"

I feel like the coming of the Lord is closer than it has ever been. Isn't this time to be alive exciting? God will give us all the power we need to live, and to tell others, who He is and how He can guide us and change our lives. His miraculous power is always available to us.

Last week, I shared with you about the lady who was all stooped over, and was healed by God's power. I forgot to tell you about the man who was there who was in the church for the second time in his life. He knew nothing about Jesus, but he told the pastor he was so glad he came and saw the healing power of God in action. He said, "May I have a Bible?" The pastor was so happy to give him a Bible. The man said, "I'll be back to hear more!"

People, God is on the job, we get to partner up with the Creator of the Universe. What a ride! Hallelujah! I hope that sharing the story of how God protected me at such an important crossroads in my life, helps and encourages you in your crossroads. He's watching out for us, while we are watching and waiting and standing and looking up!