I love the fact that in God's great plan, age doesn't matter at all!  Moses was just as successful  near the end of his life as he was at the beginning.  I'm sure that just like all the Israelites, his clothes and shoes didn't wear out.  And he didn't wear out either.  Because God had a job for him to accomplish! He's the same God today in the 21st century as he was in the centuries past.  He gives us what we need to carry out the task He has given each one of us.  I thank God for the strength He has given me so that I can write these blogs and communicate with all of you the precious truths that He makes real to my heart as I read His Word.

I love that He allows me to present His great eternal truths in our Bible study, "Fresh Fire" on Tuesday mornings, and Wednesday evenings.  I love that He drops unexpected extra nuggets in my heart for  each session.  Even  I don't know what to expect.  That's our Papa God.  His truths are so rich and alive!

I love in Numbers where it says that God asked Moses to write down the starting points of the Israelites journey to the Promised land.  There is a certain structural symmetry of the listing of these places and names in this chapter.  In essence, this list is a song of praise to God's faithfulness.  With every step and with every encampment, God led them triumphantly to the Promised land.

The wisdom God gave Moses in dealing with children of Gad and Reuben when they found a place on this side of Jordan for livestock, was divine.  Moses said,  "As long as you go and fight with everyone as they begin to fight for the land the Lord has already given them, it would be all right for you to stay and set up fortified towns and build places for the livestock."  When it was time to fight, they obeyed God and armed themselves for battle!  They said, "We will not return to our families, until the battle is won."  Wow!

This encounter with the children of Gad and Rueben, gave Moses a chance to once again remind them of the story of God's redemption of Israel and how He had been with them leading them this far.

After the first battle, they divided the plunder, but presented all the items of gold, about 420 pounds, as a reminder to the Lord that the people of Israel  belonged to Him!  That is over an 8 Million Dollar reminder to God!  In this day and age we are worth a billion universes to God, because of what it cost Him to redeem us.

If you feel like you are not worth very much, you have to change the way you feel about yourself.  You are so valuable and important to God, He can't do without you.  He loves you you so much, He can't take His eyes off you.  This February, and every day of the year, you are God's best valentine.

I hope this an encouragement to your heart!