Daily Bible Cover We're on February 12 and wow it's still on Purity, just what Pastor Ted emphasized as part of his message this last Sunday.  I just did a show with Celeste Demas which will air this Sunday at 7:00 p.m and we talked about purity. What Celeste shared about this subject is fabulous.  Purity is just an outgrowth of  falling in love with Jesus!  Don't you just love it?

In this reading Balaam who had just blessed the Israelites because God would not let him curse them decided on a new tactic to try to get the Israelites to turn away from God knowing this tactic would bring God's anger.

He suggested that the Midian women go after the Israeli men and lure them into impurity and then to the worship of a sensuous idol.  This just reminds us of how important right relationships are.

One man even went so far as to flaunt his relationship with a midianite woman and brought her into the camp right in front of Moses.  This brought about a plague, until Aaron's son Phinehas killed the couple.  God told Moses that Phinehas turned God's anger away because he was zealous for the honor of his God!

Then the Lord told Moses to treat the Midianites as enemies and kill them all.  So all the warriors in Israel went into battle and killed all the Midianites including Balaam.

Then the officers who were over the army went to Moses and said, "We have counted all the soldiers under our command, and not one is missing.  In thankfulness they brought about 420 pounds of gold  as a thank offering to the Lord.

The two revelations the Lord brought to my heart were, #1 When we honor God with obediance to what He asked regarding purity, He will bless us to overflowing!

#2 In His great love for us and  our whole family, He is not willing for any of our family members to be left behind!  He has the hosts of  heaven under orders by the Holy Spirit to pursue our loved ones until they accept Jesus.  To bring circumstances and people into their lives to bring it to pass.  And the exciting thing to me is that they never get discouraged like we do.

Thank God for his mercy and great love and His infinite pursuit so that no one is left behind!  Let's all just fall deeply in love with Jesus who loves us so much!

Blessings on you all!