What Causes You To Get Your Praise On?

This weeks message from Pastor Marv was one that is sure to get you excited and fired up. What causes you to get your praise on is a question that each of us should ask ourselves from a very honest and open place. For example, do we find that we praise and get excited, only for the fleeting moments of sporting accomplishments or does our praise for our creator and father in heaven drive us to be people of worship and praise outside the arena of competition? How and where we find ourselves praising (and sometimes in a very fanatical way) tells us a lot about what and who we find to be important.

Take some time this week to reflect on these kind of questions and watch as you find yourself getting your praise on in new and exciting ways.

Get Your Praise On

My Next Step Today Is:

-  This week I will revisit/re-read Luke 19:28-44

-  I will be somebody who gives God praise in every circumstance

-  I will actively work to stretch myself and become an extravagant praiser.

-  EXTRA CREDIT: I will step out of my comfort zone and give a joyful shout to the Lord this week.