Daily Bible CoverWelcome to almost a whole month of reading the Bible together!  Hasn't it been wonderful?  Our reading today includes God's detailed,  intricate instructions to Moses on how to make the beautiful "sacred"  garments for the priests to give them dignity and honor. He also gave detailed instructions on how to make the annointing  oil to consecrate the priests. Then to top it off God gave skilled workers the ability to do this task.  These sacred garments were all made of gold and blue and  purple and scarlet and fine linen.  It must have been quiet a sight.

As I read about this I thought of a show that we ladies watch called "What Not To Wear!"   The person is given $5000 to purchase a new wardrobe and given a new hairstyle.  This is to help the person selectd to have more selfconfidence for what ever they decide to do.  The only catch is they have to shop by the rules of the hosts, and throw away all their raggedy old clothes.

I've called Alan many times as he is watching an important game on tv telling him he just has to come and see the incredible transformation and the before and after looks of the people on this show.   He's such a sweetheart, he puts the game on pause and comes to see what I see.

Now we see what happens when someone accepts Christ and is "transformed"  All of heaven is put on Pause and the Angels have a celebration because from all walks of life and different backgrounds, Father invites us to join the family.

He throws off the filthy rags of our sins and puts on the new garment of righteousness provided by Jesus.  It's the grand finale' of all shopping trips.  

This garment is absolutely free, purchased at a price that stripped heaven of it's most valuable treasure.  Jesus purchased it for us by offering His undying soul as payment for our ugly, awful, filthy garment of sin.  The stroke of God's judgement struck Jesus so that everyone of us might be clothed in His righteousness.

Because of this, we are all covered with the annointing oil as we walk through life.  And we can let it spill out on everyone we meet as we walk  daily surrounded by His Presence .

Isaiah 61 wraps it up!" I delight greatly in the Lord;  My soul rejoices in my God.  For He has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels!

This week let's walk in confidence, transformed and annointed by God through what Christ has done.  There are no rules for recieving these new garments.  It's all through God's wonderful unlimited grace.  Praise the Lord!