Where Are The Gamblers For God?

Pastor Ryan challenged us this week with a message that pointed us toward the fact that we all have a purpose and that God has a plan for our lives. Are we willing to risk? Are we willing to "gamble" a little to find out what that plan is? If you have ever wondered what your purpose is and needed at starting point This message is for you. If you know that God has a plan for your life and you have been pursing that purpose, whether it has been for five days or fifty years, this message is for you. All of us have a purpose. A specific Sword that God has placed in a stone that only we can pull free. Each of us has a sword that he has prepared for us. Will we risk all that we are, have, know and believe to push further into the plan that he has for our lives. Because the only true way to live life is in the purpose and plan that designed for you before you were ever born.

Were Are The Gamblers For God?