Who's the Boss

Who's The Boss

This coming Sunday we are going to start a new three week series called Who's the Boss.  We are going to your workplace.  You know the place where most of us spend more of our waking hours than we do any place else.  In fact, over a lifetime it comes out to about 94,000 waking hours.  That's a bunch.  We are coming to your cubicle, office, job site, restaurant, convenience store, construction site, marketplace and we are going to stay awhile and look around.  Would it seem that the single biggest block of your waking hours, the majority of the time you are not sleeping or eating, would be of interest to God.  If He really cares about what happens to us, if the hours He grants us to live on this earth are of importance to Him, if He planned out things for us before we were even born, then I think He probably has something to say about it.  If our life is not compartmentalized, if it is all to flow together, my guess would be that God won't be silent, subtle, or unclear to His followers as to what he expects of them.  Work.  It can be endured or embraced, tolerated or cultivated, dreaded or loved.  Let's talk.  I'll see you on Sunday.  Oh, by the way, this Sunday you get to turn your clock backward since daylight savings time ends.  Enjoy the extra hour and the fact that there is no excuse for being late.