Who's The Boss #3 - Deal W/ The Difficult

Who's The Boss

This is the final sermon in the three part series "Who's The Boss". Pastor Ted has given us a snapshot of what we are asked to do and be in the workplace as Christians over the last three weeks. We have looked at how to apply the Rebeca Principle in our lives, the dangers of having a sense of entitlement, and now in this third part how we are to deal with the difficult people in our lives. Especially those that we work with.

Pastor Ted opens up and gives us a real life candid look at how he has grown through the personal difficulties of having to deal with others who are difficult. Using his personal story as a backdrop he illustrates how God uses difficult people to help shape us into the person that He wants us to be. God is never finished with us, he is always looking for opportunities to refine us by giving us opportunities to be more Christ like in every situation that we come up against.  Be encouraged this week as you take a moment to listen to this wonderful sermon that is sure to inspire you to be more like your savior.