Daily Bible CoverCan you believe that it's already January 22 in our Bible reading together and were getting to read about Moses. He's at the burning bush and realizes and the GOD Speaks to Him. "Take off your sandals, this is holy ground!" Gpd begins giving Moses his assignment and Moses argues with God. God informed him that He had seen the horrors thrust upon the Jews and it was time for Moses to go tell pharaoh to let them go. Is it hard to to believe Moses argued with God? I think not because I'll bet we've all done this in different ways. I know I did.

It was the middle of the night and I had just drifted off to sleep when suddenly the room was alive with heaven's electricity. God spoke to my heart, " I want you to go out and continue to share the message that God gave your father. I reminded God that I didn't speak and also my husband Alan would never want me to to do this. Wouldn't you know God had already spoken to Alan's heart.

Then I got the call for my first speaking engagement which I felt I totally blew, but then people began to tell me I had shared just what they needed to hear. Then I remembered one night when the angel visited my Dad and had him write a message from God in the first per. The angel referenced Exodus 31:1-6 when the Lord gave plans for building the temple. The Lord speaks about giving the people abilities to do different things.

In down to earth 21st century language here's what Father says to all of us. "The Lord speaks now to you. All your life forces are in me. Your drives, your talents, your skills. As you commit yourself wholly, even your potential springs from me.

"Bring these words to the world. I have loved you. I have cared for you. Yes, I have planned your steps, and when you would yield, have directed your path. Your successes come from me. Your wealth has come from my hand. Your creative skills and your abilities to succeed are because of me. because of your failure to recognize me and walk in my ways, you have limited the Lord your God. Your life has been restricted so you have not known it's potential. As you make Him Lord of all, He will also be Lord of WHAT YOU CAN BE, NOT ONLY WHAT YOU ALREADY ARE!

God had mercy on Moses and let he and his brother work together. But I believe eventually Moses was able to speak himself as God gave him the words.

Today, through God you can do anything He asks of you! God bless as we all work together for Him.