You Can't Have Exodus Without Movement

Today, we read the conclusion of what has been an incredibly detailed process: the building of the tabernacle. I'm a graphic designer at heart. I love detail, set design and I only cut corners if the end result does not suffer. At the same time, I'm a visual learner. So while I greatly appreciate the incredible detail the Lord gave to building His temple, I've had a hard time visualizing the end result. So I went on the hunt and came up with the photo below. I hope this helps this passage come alive, like it did for me. tabernacle-painted


Pastor Ryan did a great job yesterday of really bringing the detail to an application for today, as well as talking about the great gifts that God brings His community to use together for His glory. So as we conclude our time in Exodus, I just wanted to summarize the most powerful theme that has stood out to me in this exciting and history rich book. One word: Move.

God requires movement of His people. Sometimes, this movement is physical, from one location to another (out of the desert and into the land of milk and honey). Sometimes, it's measures of obedience and faith, like placing your firstborn in a river or crossing a lake that's being supernaturally parted, or accepting the task that God has given you. It can be an emotional movement which Pharaoh refused over and over again, unintentionally putting the plan of God in motion despite his lack of movement.

Our God is one that moves through His people. And when we we're not moving, we're missing everything God is doing around us. I pray that I am always willing to move, wherever God may lead. Emotionally and physically. Financially and spiritually.

Congrats on making it through the first two books of the Bible this past month! It's been transformative for me to be in His word every day. Stay encouraged and keep your heart open to what God will be saying to you in the coming weeks and months. We're in this together!