Daily Bible CoverI was so privileged to be raised by Pastor Charm and my Dad.  I always loved the little catch phrases that he would give us to make a point.  You've heard this before, "Never make a decision when you're down!"  "Never say 'If Only'  say, 'But Now!"  Dad talked a lot about the "Zeal of the Lord"  He encouraged us to fight our spiritual battles with a sword in one hand and working to do what we needed to do to get any job done. So when we came to the story of Nehemiah, it took me back to those days when my Dad was still training all of his kids how to live victoriously, and Nehemiah was one of the examples of walking the road with action and zeal.

I can just imagine Nehemiah living so comfortably in the palace as the king's cupbearer.  Everything was going great until his brother came back from visiting Jerusalem, a four month journey of over 1000 miles.  Nehemiah, whose name means, "The Lord comforts".

When Nehemiah heard how the wall was broken down and the gate burned with fire,  He wept and mourned and fasted.  And then he prayed.  When the king saw how sad he was he asked him what was wrong.  I thought it was so great that Nehemiah spoke boldly to the king who had stopped the walls from being built and the king changed his mind.  He sent Nehemiah to Jerusalem and made him governor.

I loved that he didn't even change clothes while he worked on the wall with a sword in one hand and a hammer in the the other.  When people tried to side track him and have him come down off the wall to negotiate  with them he refused to leave the work.

I remember my father encouraging me the same way.  If the Lord was speaking to my heart to do something, not to get off the wall to talk to people who were trying to discourage the work.

One of my favorite messages that my father preached and it has affected my life so much is titled, "The Zeal Of The Lord Will Perform It!"  You can go online and purchase that particular sermon.  I encourage you to do it to hear the eternal truths that resonate.

It was so glorious when the walls were built and then the tabernacle was resurrected and the people were instructed in the truths of that time.  There was an incredible revival and the Glory of the Lord once again filled the tabernacle.

My commentary points out a wonderful eternal truth of the fact that God did not restore His people only one time, rather He repeatedly and constantly, and continually restored His people in spite of their unfaithfulness.  He does the same for all of us.  And it's all that His name might be glorified!

That's what is happening at Central Assembly as we draw close together with our swords in one hand and our hammers in the other.  Fighting to bring the people around us into the kingdom of God.

I'm working with some people who want to help bring people into the kingdom by inviting them to experience the joy and fellowship in our Primetime events. I want to thank Shirley and David Fretwell, Carol and Larry Hobdey, Patty and Greg Philips, and Carol and Ray Yehle and Alan White for all the help in planning and setting up.  Many blessings on you all.   If you have a friend who is lonely and needs a lift, invite them to join us at our tailgate party, Saturday October 12 at 1:00 p.m.  The cost is $6.00.  You'll be glad you did.