The End Of The Story

We will all face trials of many kinds in this life. some weightier than others but the reality is, we will all face them. Taking inspiration from the story of the highest ranking officer to have the misfortune of staying at the Hanoi Hilton, and surviving, during the Vietnam war, pastor Ryan points to the truths of hope in scripture and the promises of Christ that help us to realize that we cannot be blinded by today but that "our faith is in the end of the story."

We do not have a HOPE-SO hope, we have a KNOW-SO hope. The beauty of life is often in the brokenness. And that is exactly what God does. He takes our brokenness and puts us back together with gold and silver. We shine brighter than ever when we let the light shine through our wounds and our brokenness and we show the world the depth of the hope that we have as well as its power and strength in our lives. 

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