Nobody likes to be uncomfortable. We avoid discomfort at all costs if we can. We are creatures of habbit. Whether we are in church, a class or our favorite Starbucks we will go to the same seat if it is open every time. Why? Because that is familiar, it is comfortable. We have been told by every commercial we have ever seen that their product or service will bring us more comfort in our lives. It is what we strive for. It is what we chase. In fact when we see people intentionally go out of their way to be uncomfortable we scratch our heads. It is what makes Direct TV's latest ad campaign so funny. Becuase NO ONE likes UNCOMFORTABLE.

But what are we to do with the "uncomfortable" passages of scripture we come across? What does God say about our comfort? Is God's end goal our comfort? Is comfort what we are to strive for in our lives as followers of Christ? Is it part of our calling? In Ryan's message he looks at these questions and what Scripture can teach us in regards to our comfort. So we invite you to pull up an uncomfortable chair and ask God to speak to you as we unpack these questions. 

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