Young Jesus

70 Days To Easter.png

This week we start a 70 day journey toward Easter. 10 weeks. During this time we will be reading through the gospels as a church, and be looking at the life of Christ in our Sunday services. We invite you to come with us on this 70 day journey, whether it is by joining us on a Sunday morning, reading along with us in our reading plan through the gospels, or finding us online and journeying with us from wherever it is you call home. 

This week we started this journey by looking at Jesus as a 12 year old kid. How many times do we see people talk about their personal relationship with Jesus, but in reality, their relationship isn't very personal. Jesus is not a legend, he's not an icon. He is not a bunch of ideas and rules. This morning we looked at the fact that Jesus is a person and he wants to relate to us in a very  personal way.

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