Pastor Ted inspires us this morning to begin living in Miracleland again. He walked us through all the times that God has done the miraculous in his own life and the lives of his family. Recounting events like the time he came around a bend in thr road with his family and there were cows five deep covering the whole road. They didn’t have time to do anything but call out on the name of Jesus and they were on the other side of them with the cows in the rearview mirror. Or when God worked a miracle in his Dad, Roland’s, heart on the Saturday before Easter.

Are you living in Miracleland?
— Ted Buck

But he question that we have to ask ourselves is this: Are we living in Miracleland? There is so much that God is doing in our lives and through our lives that often we don’t take a moment to see what it is. We lose focus on what God is doing because we are focused on what we are doing. WE convince oursleves that God is too busy, or he is not interested, or he doesn’t really work miracles like that anymore, or the miracle that we need is simply not big enough or grand enough. But all of those are simply lies and excuses that keep us from pressing in to what it is that God wants for us and what he wants to do through us.