What are you hungry for? What drives you? What is it that makes LIFE worth living? Everyone feeds their soul on something and finds their purpose and drive somewhere and today the passage of scripture that we unpack highlights this very thing. People searching for LIFE but somehow missing it completely. Have you ever felt that way? You just can't seem to attain the very thing that you think will finally bring fulfillment. 

in our continuation of the 70 days to Easter and the Life of Christ series Pastor Ryan takes us through John chapter 6. The miracle of the loaves and fish, and feeding the 5000 is the only miracle that all four of the gospel writers make a point to include in their narrative of Jesus. Why? What was it that made this particular event so important? And more than that what is it that makes it so important for us today?

Everyone of us is chasing LIFE. Everyone in Jesus day was chasing LIFE. Jesus came to offer LIFE. But somewhere in the exchange we get disconnected. Why? Because of the way that we define what a LIFE is. What is LIFE? How is it achieved? When we get the answer to this question right everything else falls into place. 

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For those of you listening and wondering what picture I shared with everyone about running, here you go. 

Scripture really does speak to every situation we face in life. Ha.