Re-Digging The Wells

Redigging The Wells.png

Just like today WATER RIGHTS were a big deal in the world of the Old Testament. Sometimes they need to be contended for. Sometimes they need to just be remembered. So often in life we forget that we have WATER RIGHTS. Given to us by God. In today's sermon Pastor Ryan takes a look at Genesis 26 and what the significance of Isaac's pursuit of the WATER RIGHTS that God had given to his father meant and connects it to the fact that God is calling us to day to redig some wells in our own lives. 

What wells need re-digging in your life?

What are some promises that God has made that you have let go of, forgotten about, convinced yourself that you are disqualified for or simply walked away from?

What wells have you had filled in on you? (maybe even by your own doing)

This weeks message is one of hope and one that challenges us to pick up a shovel and begin to dig again the wells God has given us. To again chase the dreams he has given us. To not be content with wells that are only 3 feet deep but to dig and keep digging the rest of our lives.

(It may take a moment for the audio to start once play has been clicked)