One Good Conversation Away

Last week we saw Sane Lowery Wind the British Open held at Royal Portrush in Ireland. It was an historic win in which an Irishman won the tournament by 6 strokes in its first playing on the Emerald Isle in 68 years. But was was amazing was the fact that he was not expected to be the winner. Most of all by himself.

He went into the week with no confidence but had a one our conversation with a friend and coach over a cup of coffee that changed everything.

How many of us are one good conversation away. How many people around us are one good conversation away from seeing God move in their lives, their marriages, their workplaces, their homes, their neighborhoods? How many people are one good conversation away from coming to Christ because of hearing the gospel for the first time?

It is a powerful thought. And it is something that we see played out in scripture over and over again.

The Vehicle for change is Conversations

Sometimes they are easy sometimes they are hard, but we are all called and sent by God to engage with people.

Are you one good conversation away?