Relationships in the Dark

Have we lost the art of “One Another”. Over 100 times in scripture we read the word’s “one another” we are called to pray for, serve, love, remain in unity, not bite and devour, bear with, forgive, and on and on it goes with '“one another”

But I wonder, have we lost the art of “One Another” in our lives and in our culture? People more than ever are craving relationship and yet we are lonelier and more depressed as a culture than we have ever been. The church needs to remember its calling and show the world the power of “one another” again. We need to remind people that we were all created and wired for relationship.

We are called to relationship. It is one of the core foundational aspects of being alive. We have relationships with God, and we have relationships with other people. We were created for it. We are expected to have relationships and work on them in all their messiness and goodness. But if we choose to remain in the dark, in the closet, so that no one will see our good deeds, our christianity will not be lived out in the day to day and we will be at risk of squandering the most precious thing God has given us.