"Because I Said So"

How many times have we as parents said these four words to our kids. Usually it is after some lengthy amount of pestering or a long train of the wonderful question “WHY?”

As funny as it is we can relate to getting to the point where we simply say “because I said so.” Today’s message from Pastor Ted takes a different approach to this common phrase and challenges us through the powerful words of scripture.

In a phrase, why do we think that you should listen to this message? “Because we said so” haha. We hope you are encourage by the Word and that you will find yourself inspired to live more for God today than you did yesterday.

This morning we have the special treat of hearing an amazing testimony from the Gideons. Wayne Barber shares the amazing story of a man and his small orange New Testament.

The God Who Heals

The God Who Heals

Nothing is too big for God. Pastor Ted and Linda share this morning the powerful testimony of Charmy, their daughter who is in Salt Lake City at University of Utah hospital currently. She is recovering from a cardiac arrest and emergency leg amputation in which many did not give her any chance of survival.

When life’s storms come our way, as Christians, the only option before us to to trust God. He is in control and no matter the circumstances he is a good God who loves us.

God Isn't Done With You Yet

God Isn't Done With You Yet

Have you ever felt that there was no way possible that God could use you after you did........

We all have that thing that we fill in the end of that sentence with. But God isn't done with us yet. He has a plan and a purpose that for exceeds anything we could possibly do or not do in our lives. Pastor Nate delivers a powerful message of hope and and a powerful Word from the Lord. If