Changing Times

Changing Times

We are called to be a city on a hill not a city behind a hill. In many ways things haver changed regarding the culture and it can be hard to stand firm and shine bright in a world that is looking to put the light out. Throughout history God has chosen people to stand and to represent the truth and the light to a dark and lost world.

Our time is no different. The gospel is the most positive thing to have touched this planet. If we believe that, it should compel us, and drive us to show the love of the gospel.

We Need a Whole Bunch of Eugenes

This morning was a powerful and emotional morning as we had an opportunity to hear from Steve Gordon who shared a wonderful testimony about the life and influence of the man he had the privilage to call Dad. His father in law Eugene was a man who loved God and his family and he spent his life connect the two to each other in many ways. The impact and legacy that this man had on future generations is incalculable. Don't miss this inspiring testimony and begin living your own testimony today. 

HIs life demonstrated the Power of the Gospel. The question that we must begin asking ourselves is "What does God want to do and accomplish through your life?" He is looking for A Whole Bunch of Eugene's.

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